Humanitas Prostitutie Maatschappelijk Werk (PMW)

Social work for prostitutes


What can we do for you?


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You can contact us to find a solution to your problems. Or to get an answer to your questions. These questions may relate to debts, your living accomodation, problems with receiving your social benefit, the police and legal or personal problems.

It is not our aim to get you out of prostitution:
We respect prostitution as a prosession. We are supportive to all persons who want to continue working in prostitution but who also have problems to deal with. Then PMW is the right adress for you to get things sorted out that are important to you. It doesn't make any difference whether you are a man or woman, legal or illegal, or what country you are from. Drug abuse is no obstacle for us.

The policy on immigrants often changes in the Netherlands. We keep track of the latest developments. If you have any questions about your reisdence status we can provide all information.

Our social workers go to addresses where people earn their money with sexual activities. We visit sex clubs, private houses, sex shops, peep shows and erotic massage salons. Not only form 9 to 5, but also at night. We also often go to the streetwalkers' district at Keileweg so that prostitutes can get to know us.